Who is SITECH Southeast Texas?

SITECH is an authorized dealer of Trimble’s SITECH technology and construction solutions. SITECH is a network of independent dealerships around the world that specialize in providing technology solutions for the construction and civil engineering industries. These solutions often include Trimble’s equipment and software, which are used for tasks such as surveying, machine control, and site positioning to improve the efficiency and accuracy of construction and earthmoving projects. 

SITECH Southeast Texas, like other SITECH dealerships, likely offers a range of services and products tailored to the construction and heavy equipment industries, including: 

  1. Machine Control Technology: This involves the installation of GPS or GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) equipment on construction machinery to improve accuracy, efficiency, and safety on job sites.
  2. Surveying and Measurement Solutions: This may include the sale and support of surveying equipment, such as total stations, laser scanners, and 3D laser systems, to support land surveying and construction layout tasks. 
  3. Software and Data Management: SITECH dealers often provide software solutions for data management, project planning, and machine control operations. Trimble’s software solutions are commonly part of their offerings.
  4. Training and Support: These dealerships may offer training and technical support to help construction professionals make the most of the technology and equipment they provide.
  5. Consultation and Implementation Services: They can consult with construction companies on the best technology solutions for their specific projects and assist in implementing these solutions.